Unhealthy Anger

Could Be a Symptom of Autism

Many autistic individuals express their anger more aggressively than those without autism. Over the past 20 years, I have helped many young people manage their anger better. Many of those young people were showing signs of autism, but those autistic traits weren't 'obvious' enough to warrant an autism assessment. Instead, they were the 'naughty kid' and referred to me for anger management.


The thing is, they're not displaying bad behaviour - they're often expressing their primal anger. This essentially means they're in survival mode and they're trying to manage the external stimulations, integrate into their surroundings, and process communications. 


Early intervention is key for an autistic young person to thrive in school, and later in life. A delay in receiving an autism diagnosis for a young person often comes too late.

In fact, there are millions of undiagnosed and misdiagnosed autistic adults, who were labelled 'problem' children.

There are also many of us who have had to mask our autism to fit in.

It was liberating for me to discover I'm autistic.

Yet, if I'd had the diagnosis earlier in my life, perhaps I would have found my tribe earlier.

Autism assessments need to be readily available - therefore, we're now offering this service.

If you suspect you might be autistic, get an assessment, join autistic groups, and embrace this gift.