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Create Harmonious Classrooms Without Wasting Time Managing Bad Behaviour

For teachers who want to thrive when teaching - Ascend is leading the way in Anger-Informed Coaching, which guarantees a positive learning environment, just by empowering teachers to use anger positively. Join our waitlist for the next course. 

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Gain More Time To Teach And Freedom For Fun

The usual way teachers manage bad behaviour in their classroom, is to exit the student who is disrupting their lesson.


It doesn’t end there though, because now you have guilt that you’re failing that student, and you know you’re going to have to follow this up later. Never mind the fact that their presence in your class makes your job exhausting, and you can’t help but dislike them, and nothing seems to change their behaviour.


In the meantime, you’re left at the mercy of the hundreds of forms to complete, learning plans to update, and time wasted having endless phone calls with parents, rather than enjoying teaching, having fun, and using your freedom to pursue your own interests outside of work.


Enter: A simple solution we call Pacifying Pupils System.

Supercharge Your Energy

Our anytime, anyplace online course*, turns overworked, exhausted, and mind-fried teachers, into a supercharged pillar of influence that can pacify any class with ease. We specialse in cultivating Thriving Teachers and Calming Classrooms, which means improving the ecosystem of your whole school.


The result? More time, more fun, and a flourishing working environment – just by becoming more anger-informed.


*Currently in beta. We’d love for you to help us prove it!  This is what it costs £197, but as it's in beta, it will cost you £147.

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Fall In Love With Teaching Again!

Things you can stop worrying about: feeling guilty for not having the bandwidth to teach your students properly; feeling shame at the lack of time you spend with loved ones; frustration at not knowing how to fix it; stress from not knowing if you’ll be able to reach your targets; and worrying that so-and-so in the other classroom is a better teacher than you, ‘cause their class always seems to be quiet...and yours isn’t.

Instead, enjoy a harmonious classroom full of peace. Wake up and look forward to coming to school, to making your students smile, and to chatting with other teachers in the staffroom. Greet new students with enthusiasm and motivation. Treat yourself to something fun after school—or maybe spend quality time with your family. Look at the increase in academic performance in your students and smile. Gain more time just for you. Flourish, for the first time ever. And know that you’re not only positively changing your life, but the lives of young people too.

You Don’t Have to Be a Coach or a Mental Health Expert

You won’t have to re-train as a Counsellor or know everything about Psychology, you won’t have to figure out how to fit this course into your busy schedule, you won’t have to “engage” with other people on the course (although this is an option if you’re interested), and you won’t even have to know anything about coaching.


All you have to do is invest one weekend to learning our Pacifying Pupils System, put it in motion, and watch as the 20 hours+ per week wasted on not teaching, slowly add to your Time for Play bank.

Because who doesn’t want an extra 20-hour free time per week? Plus, a calm and harmonious learning environment for you and your students? (Raises hand in the air).


Sure thing - learn the Pacifying Pupils System and flourish as a teacher again. 

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'Loved the discussions. Enjoyed it - I didn't know what to expect. More engaging than 'normal' training'.

R. Jacobs - Senior Behavourial Lead - Activate Positive Anger Workshop

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‘Tanya first started working with students at ASHS in 2017, delivering the CHAMP initiative (Children's Healthy Anger Management Programme) to identified students to support and promote their mental health, wellbeing and decision making. Tanya's non-threatening and supportive approach had a very positive impact. Her level of emotional intelligence and empathy to really understand the challenges faced by young people on an individual basis contributed greatly to the success of her work. We have continued our working relationship with Tanya and look forward to this relationship continuing in the years to come to support young people within our community’.

Rob Connolly - Head of school

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'Anger can be a difficult thing for young people to talk about and come to terms with. Yet it can massively impact the way young people think and the choices they make. Tanya has been working with our school for several years and has provided 1:1 sessions with many of our students -boys and girls and a variety of age groups. Tanya's main strength is in building a relationship often with quite disaffected young people. Once this relationship is in place, Tanya will work to pick up the roots of anger within the young person and then come up with strategies to try and move them forward. She writes very accurate and informative reports I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you or your organisation.'

Nick O'Brian - Assistant Headteacher